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OS : Windows Visita /XP/2000(64*or 32 bit)
License : 30 Days fully-functional
File Size : 42.73MB
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SPYWARE, ADWARE & VIRUS CLEANER Computer virus removal

If you are looking for all in one solution to Spyware, Adware and Virus attacks to your PC, you can use PC optimizer 360. This unique software scans the computer in minutes for various malware like Spywares, Trojans and various harmful Internet Bugs and cleans your PC making the performance smoother and faster. It has capacity to track and hunt all malicious files and extensions, which can affect your PC's performance and to remove them from your PC. The software also removes dangerous Trojans and Spywares, which enter your PC via BHOs and exposes the security system of your PC.


Pc Optimizer 360 is useful in scanning the entire operating system for all defaults settings and erroneous registry files and memories and removes all corrupt data completely from your computer. You can use PC Optimizer 360 to repair the registry either manually or automatically as and when you wish to. The software also provides faciity to create a back up of the previous registry status if you want to restore the entire registry to as its previous form. Other unique benefits of PC Optimizer 360 are improved speed and increased efficiency of your PC. The software can really helpful in making your computer clean and faster.


While using this tool, you need not to worry about loosing old registry information as it provides a back up, which is really important if you need to keep all the details intact. Moreover, the Pc Optimizer 360 provides this facility as an automated process rather than giving you manual option like other cleaners. Thus, the use of this tool ensures proper safety while playing with cleaning and restoring process.


In depth scanning of your complete PC is really an easy task if you are using PC optimizer 360 as it carries out a complete scan of all the drives of your PC and does not leave out any possibility of errors or corrupt file. This thorough process ensures the complete removal of threats from your PC and improved performance of your PC.


PC optimizer 360 not only cleans your PC, but it also manages your system in case your PC is over loaded with the data and information. Many times, when your PC is over loaded with programs and applications, it becomes a problem itself. Most of these programs start running automatically when the PC gets started; it slows down the over all performance and efficiency of your PC. Pc optimizer 360 provides an excellent solution to this and manages the start up process by restricting the automated start up of programs and applications which are not required.


PC Optimizer 360 has unique provision of manual as well as automatic usage for fixing errors, which makes the tool useful for both new bees and experts. Once you are done with the complete scanning process, you can select to either fix the errors or remove potential threats automatically or manually. This feature makes the tool very user friendly and dynamic. Although these advanced features are not essential for all users, still it adds a lot of sense for its usage.


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